AFC Students of the Month

7th Grade: Kate Viall

  • The seventh grade student of the month is dependable, hard working, reliable, and respectful. She often goes above and beyond what is covered in class to dig deeper into the topic and find out more on her own initiative. She is pleasant and very helpful to other students. 


8th Grade: Claire Freeman

  • The 8th grade Student of the Month for September is Claire Freeman. Claire is the type of student who strives to reach her full potential. She is an active participant in class discussions, great role model to her peers and exudes kindness in her actions. All these successful traits while remaining active both in and out of school.


9th Grade: Mallory Coffman

  • Mallory Coffman is a leader in the classroom. Not only does she do quality work, if she sees a classmate struggling, she offers help without being asked. She sets high standards for herself and those around her, which makes her stand out in her class.


10th Grade: Lauren Stone

  • Lauren Stone possesses many characteristics that have earned her the September student of the month award. She is smart, organized, respectful, and caring. Her compassion for others clearly stands out. During WIN, she willingly gives up her time to support younger students and also her peers. Lauren offers a different perspective to students when they ask questions about diversity within our school. This award is well deserved!


11th Grade: Sara Ramadani

  • Sara has been a fantastic student to have in class. She is welcoming to all in the school, and constantly puts forth all of her effort both in class and in her extracurricular activities. 


12th Grade: Bailey Berogan

  • Bailey Berogan was nominated as September student of the month for the senior class. Bailey has shown a lot of self motivation in her classes this year and has been a good example for other students to look at. She has been helpful to both her senior classmates as well as the underclassmen.




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