AFC students participate in art show

ASHTON — The AFC artists that participated in the Indian Valley Art Show in Amboy last week received 13 Firsts, 19 Seconds, 11 Thirds, and 18 Honorable Mentions.
Participants included:
Kylee Williams-3 Seconds and Honorable Mention
Laci Meurer-First
Gavin Shearer-Second
Jennah Asbury-Third and Honorable Mention
Jordan Stroh-Second, Third, and Honorable Mention
Joel Reiter- Honorable Mention
Melanie Loomis-First
Octayvia Merryman-First, Second, 2 Thirds,  and Honorable Mention
Jade Fair-First and Second
Tea Lanaj-Third
Paige Hilliker-First, 2 Seconds, Third, and Honorable Mention
Sam Rockwood-Second
Olivia Ponciano-First
Angel Freas-Second
Sam Lauer-First, Second, and Third
Danni Schmitto-2 Seconds and 2 Honorable Mentions
Becca Shupert-First and 2 Seconds
Emalie Vogeler-2 Thirds
Scarlet Soto-Honorable Mention
Caleb McBride-Honorable Mention
Cassie Cantrell-2 Honorable Mentions
Olivia Rueff-2 Firsts and Second
Madison Williams- Honorable Mention
Natalie Sondgeroth-2 Firsts and Second
Faith Widolff-Honorable Mention
Jesus Aguilar-Honorable Mention
Sandra Brown-2 Seconds and Third
Claudia Hartsell-First and 2 Honorable Mentions

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