Ashton Village Board

ASHTON – The Ashton Village Board made quick work of its agenda on Monday night, when it held its second Zoom (virtual) meeting because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In old business, Mayor Tim Henert noted that he had misunderstood Trustee Jerry Williams on the purchase price of an air hammer. The correct price should be $2,500, not $500. Henert asked the board to approve the corrected purchase price. The motion carried with all yes.

The Lee Ogle Enterprise asked for an amended ordinance for the addition of some land in Dixon. The vote carried.

Trustee Williams reported that he is working on getting bids for the storm sewers. There are six or eight throughout the village that need repair. He has also been working to get some tree trimming done where it is needed.

Trustee Ryan Pettenger reported that the new aeration system at the sewer plant is working as it should and they are on track. He also noted that at times there will be a pungent odor coming from the plant and that is due to the new aeration system doing its job and circulation the sludge off the bottom of the pond.

Trustee Martha Holder reported that the parks committee has been in discussion about the possibility of reopening the parks near the first of June. And also expressed the notion that with the Covid 19 pandemic the splash pad should remain closed for the season, noting that Dixon has already announced that their splash pad would not be opening this summer.

Clerk Meghan Clark requested the board to approved the forgiveness of debts. A yearly process of moving monies from one fund to another. The board approved the request.

Trustee Chuck Ellis reported that the lawn mowing at the cemetery is going well. He is waiting on estimates to trim the bushes. He also noted that winter grave decorations need to be removed.

Village attorney Russ Crull reported that he has been working on title work for the two empty building on Main Street.

He also asked the board to approve the ordinance amendments regarding parking on grass and garbage can placement and removal.


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