Celebrating banana splits


     We really had a delicious time here at the Center this past week. We celebrated “Banana Split Day” in a really big way, really big. We think we had the world’s longest banana split right here in Franklin Grove. We had ordered 15 gallons of ice cream, strawberries, bananas, chocolate syrup, butterscotch syrup, whipped topping and lots of maraschino cherries. And then, the girls got to work making a 20-foot long banana split. And, what do you put a 20-foot long banana split in? Well, we used 20-foot of eaves trough and it worked perfectly. Because it was such a warm day we made sure to put lots of ice around the eaves troughs so the banana splits wouldn’t melt. The girls sliced bananas, scooped ice cream, ladled in the strawberries, drizzled the syrups, spooned on the whipped topping and topped it all off with lots of maraschino cherries. It was really a sight to behold, 20 feet of banana splits. When the announcement came that all was ready it didn’t take long for the staff and residents to come and enjoy. Everyone said it was one of the best banana splits they had ever eaten. We wanted to be sure that we treated our staff to say “thank you” for all they do for us. If you saw the pictures on our Facebook page you could see that everyone really enjoyed this sweet treat.

      On Friday many of the girls enjoyed a “Glamour Hour.” There were quite a few new colors of nail polish to try out and also some new lotions that smelled so good and felt good on our hands. It is always fun to try different colors on our nails and fun to share how pretty our nails look after our manicures. Sometimes we get pretty daring and try green or blue polish, so much fun and we love the new looks.

      It was fun to have Lynn Asp join us on Sunday afternoon for a sing-a-long. It was a perfect time to be together and join in with Lynn on so many of our favorites. Her choice of songs brought back many special memories of years past singing with family and friends.  Thanks so much Lynn.

       We are looking forward to celebrating birthdays this coming week with Paula Prose on Sept 2 and LaVera Prunty on Sept. 5  It brings joy to share birthdays with our friends here at the center and we look forward to wishing Paula and LaVera a very blessed birthday. We hope that you will drop a card in the mail to these ladies at 502 North State St., Franklin Grove.

      We are so glad the weather has cooled a little and it was so nice to sit on the patio yesterday. The afternoon was filled with outdoor trivia questions and it was so interesting. There were questions about farming, gardening, weather and lots more outdoor subjects. There were some pretty challenging questions and we are happy to report that we did really well with our answers.

       And, now it’s September. The children are back in school, the crops are maturing and it will soon be time for harvest. Our new activity calendar was all ready to be delivered to us bright and early on Wednesday morning and we have been looking forward to all of the events planned for the up-coming month. 

       Wednesday will bring “Emma M. Nutt” day. Who, you ask, is Emma M. Nutt? Well, Emma was the first telephone operator. Does that bring back memories of your early telephone experiences? Do you remember your phone number, the operator’s name, party lines, the operator knowing much about everyone, etc.? We will be sharing our memories on Wednesday afternoon and you can bet there will be lots of laughter. We will have much to share next week right here in the Gazette.

       Friday is “Chicken Day” and we plan to celebrate this with some fun events. It’s usually not dull around here and Friday will be “fun day.” Hope you have a great week.