Celebrating fall at living and rehab center



What awesome, beautiful weather we had this past week. It was perfect for sitting out on the patio and we took every opportunity to be outside enjoying autumn. We did lots of reminiscing about autumn events. Several of us remembered when our grandparents moved the wood heating stove back inside after it had set in the shed during the summer. Often these were isinglass stoves. They had been moved out to make more room inside during spring and summer and now they would be needed for the upcoming winter season. Do you remember isinglass stoves? We remembered how the glass would glow with the wood burning inside. Besides the canning and preserving there would also be the fall cleaning. It seemed like every season had its own cleaning time. We also remembered when our grandfathers used horses for the harvest and when tractors began to be used. These memories are so special and it brings joy to share them.

Sunday afternoon was fun as we had “pumpkin pie wars,” not what you would think. We tried to get the most words out of “Homemade Pumpkin Pie” and we really amazed ourselves at how many we came up with. We have a challenge for you. Why don’t you see how many words you can make and give us a call? We will share how many we came up with and also how many our friends were able to find. We will be waiting for your call at 815-456-2374, just ask for activities.

This week we are welcoming Suzanne Bernardin from Franklin Grove and Patricia Cagle from Rochelle. They have joined us at a colorful time of the year and we look forward to sharing the fall colors with these ladies.

Tuesday brought special fun as we made apple cider donuts. We stirred together the sugar, flour, milk, eggs, butter and vanilla. Then we added the spices and the cider. What delicious smelling aromas. After the donuts had baked we coated them with sugar. Our mouths were watering as we were eager to taste them and we were not disappointed as we enjoyed them with our coffee. What a delicious treat.

We had continued to salute our staff this past week. We celebrated every one of our awesome staff with a “Taco Tuesday.” Tacos were served for our lunch and a Taco Truck visited for the staff to enjoy a variety of tacos, tortillas, quesadillas and other treats. We are grateful for their smiles, encouragement, loving care and dedication.

This Wednesday afternoon we will be decorating pumpkins. We have all kinds of fun items and we are excited to make our pumpkins a work of art. We will share some pictures on our Facebook page so be sure to check it out.

This next week will bring more fun events, ice cream, smoothies, Pumpkin Volley, autumn placemat decorating and so much more. Plus, we hope more time to enjoy the autumn weather on the patio. Wouldn’t it be great that when we are preserving the fall bounty, if we could can some autumn in a jar. Then in the middle of January we could open up the jar, enjoy the autumn aromas, colors and breezes. We think it would be a great idea, in the meantime, we hope you will be sure to spend time outside and enjoy the beauty of this autumn season.



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