Celebrating fall at the FG Living and Rehab Center


Autumn brings so many wonderful things, baking pies, making chili, leafing through cookbooks for old and new recipes, full moons and so many more special things.  And, we have been busy with all of these things this week. We shared a little about the vintage cookbooks this past week and want to tell you what special memories they brought back as we leafed through them. We remembered the Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks that many of us as well as our mothers often went to. There were great recipes in these cookbooks that many had received for shower gifts or as wedding presents. Several of us also remembered the Searchlight cookbook. By far, most of us said that the best cookbooks were those complied by church ladies. We had quite a few of these to peruse and as we were leafing through the well-worn pages several of us remembered the ladies who had contributed to these books. We loved having the opportunity to reminisce of favorites and many of the ladies said they would enjoy doing this again.

       The aroma of chili simmering on the stove makes most everyone’s mouth water and our mouths were watering this past week as we decided to try out homemade chili versus one of the popular brands of canned chili. We decided, hands down, that the homemade chili was the best. There were lots of comments on how each of the ladies had made chili, several would have put more chili powder in, there were also suggestions of more beans and less beans among the ideas. But, all in all, we like homemade chili the best!

       We also reminisced this week about October’s full moon, which is on the 20. The moon really looked pretty bright and full on Monday and Tuesday night. The names for October’s fullmoon is the Harvest Moon or Hunter’s Moon. This year we think Harvest Moon is really appropriate since the farmer’s are in the fields and working so very hard to bring in their crops. As we have reminisced we remembered the song, “Shine On Harvest Moon.” This great song dates back to the early 1900s. You might remember Laurel and Hardy singing this tune, or even more popular was Kate Smith. Those great old songs never go out of style and we still love them.

     And, our baking for this week was done by our friend, Margo, who has been visiting from the Oregon Center and working in activities. She made us delicious pumpkin pie this past Saturday and we enjoyed it right down to the last crumb. There is something extra special about pumpkin pie. All of the spices, the texture and the perfect crust all make them just the best. Thank you so much, Margo, for this awesome treat. We also had a witch quiz and trivia contest which was extra fun.

     This week we are welcoming Geraldine “Geri” Messina from Stillman Valley and Carma Dial from Rock Falls. We are looking forward to making memories with each of them.

      If you happened to stop by on Friday you may have noticed that many of the residents and staff were wearing pink. We did this in support of the fight against breast cancer. We think this is such an important cause and we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of this great cause.

       The girls shared that for our treat cart this Thursday they will be serving fresh apple cider. Doesn’t that sound good? When they told us about this we shared with them our memories of folks making apple cider. That was always a fun time watching the cider press as the apples were put in the press and the delicious cider streamed out. Sometimes there were jokes about maybe some of the apples had worms in them. We didn’t think so, but if they did we never knew it. 

       This next week will bring all kinds of autumn events: there will be pumpkin games, a pumpkin decorating contest and more pumpkin pie. There will also be autumn baking and some great word games. And the fun will continue right through the end of the month. We love all the events and the joy they bring.