Dinosaur visits Franklin Grove Living and Rehab


With everything going on this has been another week of joy and blessing here at the center. Our friends from the Ashton Lions Club gifted us with beautiful red and peach roses along with baby’s breath. They shared so many roses, enough for a bouquet on each of our tables, plus more for all of our rooms. They were so fragrant and everyone was delighted to be able to enjoy them. We thank the Lions Club for their thoughtfulness. 

                  We also received a huge beautiful bouquet that was gifted by the family of one of our ladies.  There was an amazing variety of flowers, so many of our favorites. They smelled so good and everyone complimented the arrangement.

                  The mailman has been kept busy again this week delivering cards, packages and greetings. We love seeing all of the handmade cards the children have shared. So many community friends have also send cheerful cards and they have made our days so very special. We do so appreciate all of the joy that has been shared. Again we are sharing our address for those who have been asking – 502 North State Street, Franklin Grove, IL 61031. Or greetings can be dropped off,  just call us at 815-456-2374 and we can receive the cards.

                  This week we are welcoming Norma Jean Borell from Amboy, Patricia Angleton from Franklin Grove, Berniece Espe from Rochelle and Diana Reed from Iowa. We are taking some unique opportunities to get acquainted with them, including cards and yoo-hoo visits from the hallways. There has been much laughter as we figure out new ways to do things.

                  We are taking many opportunities to visit with family and friends on our phones and we love all the calls we are receiving. We are also getting more used to visiting with the facetime application on our tablet. It is pretty fun to be able to visit face-to-face with our families, to see our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and hear all they are doing. Many of us didn’t know that this existed, but we are quickly getting to love it. If any of our friends has a tablet and would like to visit with a tablet, you can call us and we can arrange to set up a time for a special visit.

                  The girls have kept us very busy with so many fun activities. If you have been watching our Facebook we have some great pictures that we have shared. We have created some beautiful art projects that we’ve shared with family and friends. Friday brought a Spa morning with massages and even cucumbers for our eye lids. That felt so good. One morning we were very surprised to see a dinosaur strolling the halls. It turned out that he was a very friendly dinosaur and who brought lots of joy to all. There have been so many delicious treats during this week. We especially loved the spring fruit smoothies. We were delighted when we heard the music from the ice cream truck playing in the hallways. It brought back so many memories of waiting on a summer afternoon for the cream truck to make its way up and down the streets. Ours had a delicious variety of ice creams with all of the toppings. Everyone really loved this treat.

                  Our staff is doing such a good job of caring for our and bring joy. We are grateful for all of their good care. We hope that each of our families and friends is making the most of this time keeping in contact with friends and family. It’s a good time to do things that there is never time enough to do. We love seeing that the grass is turning green, our spring bulbs are coming up and we know that spring is so near. We are looking forward to getting outside and know that it won’t be long. Sending joyful greetings to all from all of us here at the center.



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