Fall at the Franklin Grove Living and Rehab Center


     And, just like that we’re in October. It didn’t take us long to get busy with the joy that October brings. A lot of the joy is tasty treats. We started the month by celebrating “International Coffee Day.” We tried a variety of delicious coffees and what a treat they were. Many of us have been black coffee drinkers forever, so it was kind of fun to try some different creamers. There were many comments that the creamers were very good and a real change with our coffee. Plus, there were a variety of cookies to go along with the coffees. Some of the cookies were “dunkers” and just went so good with our new coffee flavors.

      On Saturday there was “Tea and Trivia,” plus amazing homemade apple pie. This is the perfect time of year for apple pies and these were beautiful. The crust was flakey and tender and the apples were baked to perfection. The apple trivia was fun and we have to share that we did really well. We really know our apples. Thank you Margo, for baking us happy.

     Monday brought “National Cinnamon Bun Day” and there was a wonderful aroma in the air as the girls prepared these awesome treats. We loved taste-testing them along with our coffee. What a treat.

     You might think that all we do is eat, and we do a lot of that, but we are busy with many other activities. We are continuing to have our “Little House on the Prairie” time each morning with Margo and we love hearing these stories. Many of us have read these books through the year and it feels just like visiting with family as we travel back to yesteryear with these old friends. If you haven’t read these books for many years we suggest that you check them out at your local library and take a trip back with these old friends.

      Tuesday brought “Chalk Board Games” and getting our gray matter going. We love these times when we see how many words we can make from a word or phrase. It really is pretty amazing all of the words we think of and it actually surprises us to see the many words on the board when we have finished.  Plus, it is good for us!

      We are still remembering what a fun time everyone had on our “Sports Day” as we shared sports memories. We loved seeing our staff as they joined in the games. Plus, many of us decked out in our favorite team items. We really enjoyed all of the laughter and having fun together.

       On Wednesday we will be creating a new craft project, “Broccoli Trees.” We really can’t imagine what those girls have planned for us, but you will want to be sure and watch our Facebook page and see how these turn out. We can hardly wait.

      October is the month set aside for everything “Pumpkin Spice.” It is pretty amazing all of the items that are pumpkin spice and on Saturday we are going to have the opportunity to see them for ourselves. The afternoon will bring “Pumpkin Spice Taste Testers.” The girls have promised an exciting variety of pumpkin spice items for us to try. We will share all about this right here next week in the Ashton Gazette.

       This next Tuesday we will be sharing “Cook Book Class.  We’re pretty sure that this will be a fun time as we page through a variety of vintage cookbooks. Through the years many of us have provided recipes for church and community cookbooks. We have almost worn out some of our favorite cookbooks trying out new recipes and remembering old favorites. We are looking forward to checking out recipes in some of these much loved cookbooks.

        Fall is in the air and the trees are taking on the colors of autumn. It is nice to feel the freshness in the air. We are hoping that the trees will have their beautiful colors soon, they bring such joy this time of the year. Be sure that you take the opportunity to enjoy them.



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