FG Halloween

Fifth - Eight graders: First Jack Delhotal, Second, Landyn Dummer and Third, Libby Hilliker

 Franklin Grove Halloween Contest Winners pictures attached


0-2 years

1stFaith. Johnson(Little redhead girl)

2nd Kaniel.Lipe

3rdBrooklyn. Lanning

3yrs- Kindergarten

1st Otto Tate (Chain saw Killer)

2nd Sadie May McCaslin

3rd Jett Paige

1-2 Grades

1st Silas Delhotal (Hotdog on Bun)

2nd Samantha James

3rd Kayleigh Lipe

3-4 Grades

1stMadison Wilcox (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

2ndAshlee Mundell

3rdEvelyn James

5-8th Grade

1stJack Delhotal (Blue Wind sock)

2ndLandyn Dummer

3rd Libby Hilliker


1stAmy Hilliker (Nun)

2ndHannah Atkinson

3rd Ashle Lipe

Group Costumes

1stGittlesons (Little Miss Muffat)

2ndHaden HarmsDentist and tooth Fairies

3rdSchafer Family Cop and Robbers