Flood waters could compromise well water safety

LEE COUNTY — With the recent rains and the forecast for additional rain, the water levels in rivers, streams and groundwater levels are high, we ask Lee County citizens to focus attention on protecting private water wells. With run off and additional precipitation possible, flooding in low lying areas and along the river may occur. Attention should be given to your wells to ensure a safe water supply. In the event of flooding, should your well become submerged or your well pit floods, please contact the Lee County Health Department. In either event, this department does not recommend drinking your well water until your well water is tested. This department will begin testing of water wells (if flooding occurs) once the flood water has receded and there is no longer an opportunity for further flooding.

This department would also recommend to homeowners served by private septic systems to conserve water at times when the ground water is high. This will aid in your septic system functioning properly and help prolong the life of your septic.

If you should have any questions regarding flooding of your well or general water quality questions please feel free to contact the Lee County Health Department at 815-284-3371 and ask for the Environmental Health Division. In the event no one is available at the time of your call please leave your name and number and a representative will return your call.