Former resident disc golf fan

WASHINGTON – Former Ashton area resident and past pastor of the Reynolds United United Methodist Church, Wayne Glabe recently discovered disc golf and has had opportunities that have provided memories that will last a lifetime. The following article was shared by his daughter.

“In Washington, Illinois there is a man named Wayne Glabe. He is 91 years old and somehow found out about disc golf not too long ago. Earlier this summer The Ledgestone was held. This is a huge Disc Golf tournament that happens up near him and Wayne went out to see all the top players tee off. It was at this tournament that Wayne was able to get his picture taken with Paul McBeth . . . Wayne's favorite player.

Fast forward to this past week. The World Championships was taking place near Wayne once again. Wayne went out to watch all the top pros again. At 91 he went around and followed the players. Wayne was in the front row of the gallery when Paul McBeth slammed his putt that secured his 5th world championship. Wayne was cheering alongside all the other players and fans. He was one of the first to run to Paul and congratulate his victory. Paul actually gave this man his pair of putters used in the world championship rounds right there on the spot. The picture of Wayne's excitement really moves me. 

I know to some this is a silly story about Disc Golf, but I think it is about so much more. There are many lessons to be learned here. I will only mention two of them. 

One, we need to cherish our elderly friends. There is nothing like having a seasoned man like Wayne in your life. They are your biggest fans and the people that will keep you on the straight and narrow. Wayne, and others in life's prime like him, know how to truly be passionate about things. We all need at least one Wayne in our life! 

Two, while disc golf is a weird sport, it provides so much excitement in life for people. (Most people still don't even know what 'frolf' is.) It provides a safe escape from the ugliness of this world. I cannot tell you how many rounds of golf I have played with people and spent the time talking about the goodness of God. Talking about the woes of life with people. I have seen this sport provide a sense of accomplishment to teens that have little to strive for. I have played golf with a man in his 80s and have been beaten by a 12 year old. I am grateful that the Lord (and Matt Hines) has given this hobby to me. I see disc golf as a grace that the Lord has given. Of course nowhere comparable to the grace given to me by Jesus Christ, but grace nonetheless. 

I could not be happier that the most recognizable professional in the sport is Paul McBeth. Our sport could not have asked for or hand selected a better champion. You are a class act Paul! Thank you for providing Wayne Glabe and the boys of The Joy House smiles and joy. Thank you for being a good role model for the young and the old. Many stories like this go under the radar. I pray this one doesn't.

Congratulations to Paul McBeth on his 5th world championship win!”




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