Franklin Creek habitat series program wraps-up

FRANKLIN GROVE - This year the Franklin Creek Conservation Association has held three youth programs for local children. The first two focused on the creek and the prairie using scavenger hunts and teachable moments to get kids engaged. The last program in the Franklin Creek Habitat Series was held on Thursday, Aug. 9 with the focus of learning more about woodlands. Wetland, woodlands, and prairie are the main habitats within the Franklin Creek State Natural Area.

The class started off with a short hike through the woods along the Husar Trail that starts off Old Mill Road. The kids learned how to identify poison ivy and why they should avoid touching this plant. Once the group got to a clear area within the woodlands they got a firsthand experience investigating decomposing logs and building shelters using old logs and natural materials. They discovered fungi, Cicadae exoskeletons, and more. The kids also decorated birdhouses that will be for sale at the Chautauqua on Oct. 14, to help support the youth program.

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Adults who want to support these youth education programs are invited to attend the Singing Bird Chautauqua. This event will have food, entertainment, live music, and a live raptor presentation. All proceeds from the Singing Bird Chautauqua go directly to funding Franklin Creek Conservation Association’s educational programs.



Photo by Megan Sneyd

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