Franklin Grove Living and Rehab 13


Can you believe how fast the month of March seems to have flown by? The grass is all green and many of the spring flowers are in bud. The leaves on the trees are starting to open and Easter is right around the corner. We’re just waiting to see if March will leave like a lamb and bring in a beautiful April. We are so anxious to be outside and the patio is beckoning us. We can hardly wait to see if our little chipmunk friend will plant sunflowers again for us this year.

            In the meantime we are keeping very busy here at the center. We have been laughing at our new friend, “Larry Beard’ as he has been sharing about “March Madness” and the many teams that have played. At press time he still didn’t know the winner and many folks were eagerly waiting the outcome of the games. We are also waiting to see who will be the winner of the Unity Hospice Contest for the most unique jersey and we are hoping that you will help us to make Larry the winner. If you haven’t seen Larry yet please check him out on Facebook. He’s made some awesome shots during the season. There are many great prizes for both our residents and the staff. All you have to do is go the our Facebook page and click on the Unity Hospice link to vote for Larry or you can go to We hope you will join in the fun and vote every day.  The contest has been extended to April 11. Thank you for helping us.

            The girls made some delicious cinnamon cake for us to taste test this past week. Many of us had never had this kind of cake before, but all agreed we would love to have it again. If you would like the recipe just let us know.

            Our Ladies Club met this past Saturday and we shared the topic of spring cleaning. There were lots of memories shared if how our mothers and grandmothers did there spring cleaning. Everything thing was cleaned from top to bottom. The basement was all swept, the closets were emptied and the clothing hung outside to air out. The walls and baseboards were washed down, everyone helped and so much work. We are pretty happy that we don’t have to do that anymore. How time have changed.

            This week we are welcoming Debra Sanders from Amboy. We hope that you will take the opportunity to send a card to say hello.

            Our auction on Tuesday afternoon brought lots of excitement with all kinds of spring decorations on the auction block. There were the cutest little chicks and bunnies, fun decorations for our windows and many more items to choose from. It is always a fun day and everyone goes home happy with their purchases.

            We will finalize our April Activity Calendar at our Resident Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon. There are already many exciting events planned for the month. We are looking forward to coloring Easter eggs yet this week. We will have our traditional Good Friday Service on Friday afternoon, such a meaningful time. Pastor Briggs will be with us for Easter Service on Sunday. It has been such a blessing to welcome him back and we look forward to hearing his message for Easter.

We want to wish all of our family and friends a beautiful, blessed Easter!!