Franklin Grove Living and Rehab 16


Oh, that Mother Nature, such a fickle ol’ girl. She led us on the believe that spring was totally here and then she had to have one last fling, ala-mode. Thanks to the weatherman we did get some warning, but what a blast of cold she sent. Not what we wanted for sure. Someone needs to have a talk with her, because we’ve had enough. We are totally ready for porch sitting and warm, balmy days.

We are congratulating our April Employee of the Month, Jo Girton, LPN. Jo is a very special nurse who cares so much and has everyone’s best interest in her heart. Jo worked here at the center many years and then her life journey took her on a different road. She worked in business for many years. She then decided to go back to school to earn her nursing degree. What blessing for us as she is so faithful and compassionate. Jo is married to Marshall Girton and has three children, Erica, Danielle and Nate. We are so excited to honor her as Employee of the Month and thank her for all she does here at the center.

It’s been quiet a week here at the center. We celebrated the birthday of McDonald’s restaurants with cheeseburgers and fries, mmnnn, good. We remember when McDonald’s was brand new and such a fun place to eat. It is still a fun place with such delicious cheeseburgers. You could tell from the smiles on our faces how much we enjoyed them. Check out the pictures on Facebook.

Our bowling and pizza afternoon was a big hit with some awesome strikes and spares. If you saw our Facebook pictures you felt like you were right in the action. It is always so fun to reminisce and continue those memorable events in our life. And, you can’t go wrong with hot, tasty pizza. Your wonderful comments always make us happy and we have connected with some dear, old friends through Facebook. The girls always share all of the comments.

Birthday greetings this week are being sent to Betty Boehme and Ron Forristall on April 27. We hope that each of you has an awesome day. We know that cards would mean so much and can be sent to 502 North State St., Franklin Grove 61031.

It seems like we are always talking about food and if truth would be told, we probably are. This past week we had a tase-testers afternoon. It was such a treat as we tried Root Beer Float Milk and Pistachio Nut cupcakes. We would highly recommend that you try this taste sensation.

It has been such a blessing to have so many visitors this past week: families, friends and church friends.  We love seeing everyone and you just have to give us a call to come and visit, 815-456-2374.

Tuesday brought more food. Cookies and Cream filled pretzels. You can check out the fun on Facebook and if you would like our “recipe” just give us a call we would be happy to share.

We are looking forward to our Wednesday morning Chapel Service, the message will be brought by our friends, Bill and Mary Lou. If any friends would like to come and share craft programs, special music, church services or any other talents we would be delighted to welcome you. See you soon.



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