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Wow,  July really started out like July. Earlier this year everyone was looking for summer and warmer weather, but didn’t think it would be getting quite this warm. Thank goodness for air conditioning. We remember the summers of our youth and many really hot days. There was swimming in the creek to cool off, cold watermelon from the well-pit, plus delicious, real lemonade with ice that the ice man delivered. We also slept on the summer porch or even outside. No one had air conditioning at that time. We are so glad that we do and we want to remind you that we are a cooling center and we welcome folks to come by, cool off and enjoy great times with friends here at the center.

            The ladies shared that the fresh strawberry pie this past Saturday was very delicious. The crust was nice and tender and the berries red and juicy. We remembered picking fresh strawberries and making homemade jam from them. It was beautiful and so tasty especially in the winter months if it lasted that long. Several mentioned strawberry shortcake and how good that was, too.

            This week we are welcoming Elmer Sieberns from Dixon. He is a special friend and we look forward to reminiscing and making new memories with him. We invite you to drop a card in the mail box to join us in making him welcome.

            Our focus this week is celebrating the birthday of the USA, the 4th of July. On Monday we created several 4thof July crafts and they turned out great. We also have decorated our dining tables with exciting, red white and blue centerpieces. We love the way they look and have received many compliments.

            Tuesday brought an exciting Patriotic Concert by Les Wilson. He shared all of the great old songs of our Nation with his amazing voice. Plus there were some new songs to us that were very moving. It was such a great afternoon and truly put us in the mood for the 4th.

            We have spent lots of time this week reminiscing about the 4thof July celebrations that we had in our younger days. There were always picnics, parades, lots of great food treats and fire works of all kinds. Sometimes the guys got a little carried away and would set off dynamite. Do you remember that? Sure was loud. This is the time of year when everyone came together and was proud to be an American. We are so glad we live in an amazing country and proudly say “God Bless America.”

            Wednesday will bring an Independence Day Social at 2:15 p.m. It will be a very fun, patriotic afternoon and if you have the opportunity we invite you to come and share your Patriotism with us. During the afternoon we will also hear a very moving rendition on the USA by Red Skelton

Birthday greetings this week are being sent to Caroline Vondergathen on July 3 and to Angeline Jump on July 6. We wish both of you ladies a bang up birthday celebration.

We have to share with you that we got out our old Sears Catalogue this week and spent an afternoon leafing through the many pages. We remembered all of the fun we had picking out items we would like to order. The most fun was checking out the prices from the 20s and all the things you could be from Sears & Roebuck. There was everything from clothing, farm items, stoves, and even houses in those big books. We so looked forward to the mailman delivering the new catalogue. We still enjoy looking at them.

            Congratulations to Lynn Asp who has completed her Express Rehabilitation this past week and returned to her home. We had so many special times with her while she was here at the center. We especially enjoyed the music she shared and the sing-a-longs. She knew so many of our favorites and it was great to sing along with her. We also were grateful for the Chapel Service that she shared with us. We look forward to having her come back to visit with more of her beautiful music.

            This next week will bring memories of vacations “Sea Shells and Sand.”  July and August are typical vacation months and would look forward to some special armchair vacations in the upcoming week.

            As we continue with our holiday celebration there will be an Ice Cream Social on Friday afternoon at 2:15 p.m. There will be lots of delicious treats and a great way to spend a summer afternoon. We hope you will put this on your calendar and stop by for a frosty treat.

            We wish you an awesome and safe 4thof July.

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