Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation Center

It was a busy weekend in Franklin Grove as the town celebrated the annual Harvest Festival.
We saw lots of family and old friends who were visiting for the weekend who also stopped by to visit us here at the center. It was great having the opportunity catch up with these special folks.
We also saw many special friends on Saturday evening as our bus was in the parade. It was fun waving and hearing all the greetings.
Thanks to our friends from the Reynolds United Methodist Church who visited this past week. They visited at supper and sang so many of the great old hymns that we have loved through the years. It was such a special time and they plan to visit again soon.
Birthday greetings this week are going to Lester Eckberg, Pat Sisson and Gladys Terry who will all celebrate on Aug. 12 and to Maxine Beeghly who will celebrate on Aug. 14. We wish each of you a beautiful and blessed birthday.
Monday brought a fun morning as the Red Hat Club came out in their bright red hats and smiles. There was a lot of joy as August and harvest memories were shared by all.
Also on Monday we created some really unique corncob crafts. Usually those cobs are just thrown away, but our activity staff members have such fun imaginations and we were very excited with our creations.
Our friends from the Granny Rose Animal Shelter visited on Tuesday with some new furry friends. We had made dog biscuits this past week in preparation for their visit and they seemed to think they were delicious.
We also made extras for them to take home to their friends. We love it when furry friends visit and cuddle. We hope that you are looking for a fur-ever friend that you will stop by the Granny Rose Shelter.
The workmen are busy here again at the center and are working on some new rehab suites. We have heard some pounding and can hardly wait to see their new creations. They are also adding some new items to our dining room There is always something happening here at the center.
We are looking forward to Wednesday afternoon with Liz as she brings out the ingredients and we make our very own fruit pizzas. This is such a delicious treat and our mouths are already watering.
On Thursday we will enjoy a summer campfire social with all the delicious treats and campfire stories. We have lots of memories of camping and sitting around a campfire and can hardly wait for this.
We love all the fun times and delicious treats here at the center.
Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. there will be an ice cream social and we invite you to stop by to enjoy this with us. There are such delicious toppings and August is the perfect time for ice cream.
Next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. we will celebrate with our pie-of-the-month and we have a piece just for you. We hope to see you soon.

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