Illinois Community College Economic Impact Study Released


Illinois’ 48 community colleges boost local Illinois economies and are important sources of revenue and employment for the communities and regions they serve, according to a new report issued by the Illinois Community College Board.


The study, which was last issued in 2014, is a valuable assessment tool for Illinois’ community

college system (the third largest in the nation) as it continues to strive to increase value and access for all Illinoisans.


“It is clear that community colleges remain a solid return on investment for local communities and the students that use them. Our system plays a vital role in meeting the needs of Illinois’

workforce by providing quality training and education and gives students a greater opportunity to

earn higher wages in countless industries throughout the state,” said ICCB executive director, Dr. Brian Durham.


It evaluates Illinois’ community college system on its ability to meet the needs of business and

industry, equity, student outcomes, students’ return on investment, and the system’s overall economic impact to local economies and job growth. The report also examines statewide

trends including employment, population, race and ethnicity changes, and the COVID-19



"This study confirms that Sauk Valley Community College is a vital economic resource for the Sauk Valley region with an economic output of $15.9 million in the last fiscal year. Investing in Sauk and Illinois' other public community colleges helps ensure the state has a well-trained workforce, pumping billions of dollars back into local communities,” said SVCC President, Dr. David Hellmich.


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