Monsanto hosts give back day in Ashton

ASHTON — “Monsanto is made up of more than 20,000 dedicated employees globally with a focus on being good neighbors and active members of our local communities, wherever we live and work.  On Thursday, Aug. 9, employees at our site in Ashton and 1,500 Monsanto employees from 40 other sites in the US and Puerto Rico took a few hours out of the day to volunteer our time, show appreciation to our neighbors and try to make a small difference.  

Ashton Monsanto employees traveled to Griffith park in the town of Ashton to do some upkeep including painting the merry go round, painting the bathrooms, trimming trees, and power washing sitting areas.   

“It’s a fun way for us to get together outside the workplace and volunteer for a good cause at the same time. Different activities are happening across the country, but one thing all the sites have in common is that we’ve tried to direct our efforts toward an organization or cause that is important to the local community or toward a task we feel needs to get accomplished.”