New Lee County Law Enforcement Center

DIXON — On Tuesday, Jan. 8,  the Lee County Board announced the New Law Enforcement Center (LEC) Construction which began site work on July 16, 2018 is now “Under Roof,” three months ahead of schedule, and forecast to complete 4-5 percent under budget.

Ringland Johnson Construction, Lee County’s Design – Builder and Construction Management firm recently announced the project “Substantial Completion” date has pulled forward three months, from Nov. 30 to Aug. 30, with “Final Completion” on Sept. 20. 

The overall project budget is now forecasted to come in 4-5 percent under the $18,500,000 project cap. The Design/Build Guaranteed Maximum Price stands at $16,830,347 a full 6.7 percent under the initial Design/Build budget. Unforeseen risks are always possible, but at this point in the project we feel confident the new Law Enforcement Center can be completed under budget. 

Just before Christmas the LEC building envelope was closed in, permanent Natural Gas and Electric utilities established and temporary heat started up. This has and will allow interior work to continue unimpeded through the winter months. Major work that has completed since Christmas includes the installation of the roofing insulation and membrane system. Concrete flooring has been poured in the Administrative and Support areas and interior masonry wall construction continues. The number of contractors on site will continue to ramp up as interior work proceeds over the winter months. This spring exterior work will commence again in parallel with the completion of the interior work.  


Several Key decisions have contributed to the improvements in schedule and budget: 

First the County’s decision to relocate the project from the downtown location adjacent to the New Courts building to the new location on Progress drive next to the Regan Transit Center (Lee/Ogle Transportation Hub). 

Secondly choosing Ringland Johnson Construction to do the project as a Design/Build project, as well as managing the project as our Construction Management Firm on behalf of Lee County. Having an experienced construction team also design the new facility has reduced construction costs while providing a modern facility. RJC’s design process incorporated cutting edge 3D BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) along with the use of value engineering practices to deliver an affordable and functional solution. Brent Johnson, CEO and President of Ringland-Johnson said, “working with elected officials and staff at Lee County has been unique as all are engaged, thoughtful and keep the tax payers in mind with all key decisions. Egos have been checked at the door as each meeting begins, always putting the goals of the project before personal objectives makes the process work seamlessly.”   

Lastly, the LEC Project Finance Ad-Hoc committee has done a great job in securing affordable financing to minimize interest costs and maximize dollars available for construction.

According to Sheriff John Simonton, this complex project has been a major undertaking.  Simonton said, “the team that has been put together, consisting of county board members, ad-hoc committee members, Sheriff’s Office command staff, along with RJC’s construction / design team, has helped this all come together. Ringland-Johnson’s advice, direction and continual communication with us, has created a relationship of confidence in knowing we are being fiscally responsible with tax-payer dollars, while getting maximum value for the project”.    


The Lee County Team along with RJC look forward to completing and commissioning this new facility in September of 2019 on behalf of the people of Lee County.