New resource officer at SVCC

DIXON — Sauk Valley Community College has partnered with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) to add a College Resource Officer to the college’s security staff. After several months of evaluation and consultation with law enforcement professionals, the College moved forward with the hire of Deputy Kyle Kellen. Dean of Information and Security, Eric Epps, helped oversee the process and shared that, “Over the summer, we sat down with LCSD and it very quickly became apparent that this arrangement would provide a tremendous benefit both to Sauk and LCSD.”

Deputy Kyle Kellen has been a patrol deputy with the LCSD since December 2006. Some of his specialties include:

Field training officer (train all new patrol officers after they return from police Academy)  

CPR and AED instructor

Narcan instructor

Spike strip instructor 

LCSD department honor guard

Search and rescue management

In addition to his duties, Deputy Kellen’s professional development includes completion of a large variety of courses to help him better serve as a college resource officer at SVCC. Courses range from Mental Health First Aid and Safe Schools and Healthy Students, to Active shooter/Extreme School Violence.  

Additionally, Kellen has a combined total of over 30 years of experience as a volunteer firefighter, emergency medical technician, and 911-dispatcher. His wide array of training and experience will be invaluable assets to SVCC’s security efforts.

“I feel one of my best qualities is being able to talk to anybody. As a college resource officer, I want people to feel comfortable speaking with law-enforcement about issues,” said Kellen. “One of my goals is to increase training opportunities with other local law-enforcement agencies. I want to include the surrounding agencies that would respond to the College in case of an emergency including law enforcement, fire departments, SVCC security, EMS and 911 dispatchers.”

Deputy Kellen will officially begin at Sauk on Dec. 1. In addition to being a physical presence on campus, Kellen will work with SVCC Security and Administration to develop training opportunities and emergency response procedures for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Epps also shared that, "I look forward to working with Deputy Kellen and the Lee County Sheriff’s Department to make sure Sauk continues to be a safe place to learn."



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