New trustee sworn in

ASHTON — The Ashton Village Board approved the recommendation from Mayor Tim Henert to appoint Chuck Ellis to serve the remainder of the term vacated by Chris Woodall a couple of month ago. The appointment will be for approximately 15 months. Ellis was sworn in by Village Attorney David Tess.

The board also approved the recommendation of Henert to allow each business with gaming licenses to house six games according to the new state wide ordinance.

A grant request will be submitted to the Blum Family Foundation for the purchase and installation of a warning siren. The grant will request up to $19,000. If the expenses exceed that amount, the Ashton Fire Department Board and the Ashton Village Board will split the remainder of the expense.

Zoning Commissioner Casper Manheim reported that he had issued three permits for roof and siding and had sent four letters for notice of violation of blight ordinance, regarding rubbish in yards.

Trustee Susan Larson reported that the Economic Development committee had met and discussed some possible projects for the village to look into. They also discussed the idea of developing a comprehensive plan for the village. Larson looks forward to future conversations with contacts from other villages that she has made over the last few months.

Trustee Jerry Williams reported that the repair project on the storm sewers at the corner of Paddock Ave. and Third St. has been completed. There will need to be some grass planted in the spring.

Police Chief Jared Yater reported his department had issued four warnings and handled four ordinance violations. The department continues to do building checks for businesses after hours.

Yater also commended Blake Armstrong for his work on submitting grant applications to help pay for the repairs at the water tower. He submitted FEMA grants for four projects, which totaled an excess of $100,000.

Newly elected trustee, Ellis, reported that after speaking with Woodall, he requested estimates on repairing the roofs at the two buildings in the cemetery. He is also checking into replacing the doors on those buildings.


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