Scavenger hunt for all

ASHTON - If you're ready for some fresh air, take a family walk to see how many items you can check off the Ashton Village Scavenger Hunt!  
We appreciate everyone who participated in hanging something in their front door, window, or lawn. A special thank you to Meghan & Ainsly for the fun idea!

These items will be featured in the scavenger hunt until the end of the day Friday, March 27. A new list will be compiled for the next week.

The list for this week contains:

A yellow flower, a frog and bunny, a hippo, a green turtle, a rainbow, a painted flower, the Hulk, a pig, a unicorn, an Easter egg wreath, a penguin, two squirrels, a caterpillar, an Olaf, a dinosaur, three Gnomes, an order of French fries, a blue and yellow flower, four owls, one yellow paper flower, three mermaids and a robot.


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