Students study the Olympics

The Winter Olympics is an international event held every four years. The sports are the mixture of snow and ice for example freestyle skiing. Freestyle skiing has a lot of history behind it, and has a lot of different ways to earn points. Thirty contestants will compete for three places for the top scores this year.

Freestyle skiing has been in the Olympics since 1988. It was added during the Calgary games. In 1992 the Olympic committee made it an official medal sport for the Olympics. Some other names for freestyle skiing is jibbing, as well as many other names around the world. In 1979 freestyle skiing was considered a sport. Skiers with the top score will compete in the last round. Twelve skiers from the qualification round will compete for the last three highest scores. Scoring works by doing more tricks that the judges will score. Top three scores will win different medals for different ranks for skiers.

Mikael Kingsbury is a freestyle skier from Canada. He was born in Sainte-Agathe-des Monts in Quebec, Canada. Mikael has been skiing with his family since he was four years old. Mikael KingsBury is one of the most accomplished freestyle skiers from Canada.

The Olympics are held to see who is the best at each sport from all over the world. The Olympics are also held to have countries come together in peace and not war. It is also for the youth by introducing them to people all over the world.

The Olympics are held to make peace with other countries and to educate the youth. At the end of the Olympics athletes from other countries are proud of their accomplishments.

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