Summer camp a success

This Summer 2021, Ashton Camp Programs set out on a mission to "take back summer."  After a year in the Covid pandemic, we worried about children’s social and emotional well-being. We wanted them to have a sense of normalcy, where they could see their friends, explore the great outdoors, create, imagine, and grow! We are proud to say that we met our goals, but we couldn’t do it alone. 

The Ashton Camp Program Summer Camps were made possible by the generous donations from our community. Thank you to the Mills & Petrie Board and the Village of Ashton for allowing us to use their facilities and parks without a cost. We appreciate the maintenance crews for ensuring our campers had well-maintained places to play. Thank you to Crest Foods for the large monetary donation that was used to purchase thousands of dollars in camp activity and cleaning supplies. 

Thank you to Martha Brown Holder and the Ashton Park Committee for supporting us each step of the way and procuring donations, organizing meals, and treating our campers as the VIPs they were at the SplashPad. 

Thank you to Kristie’s Sweet Treats for hosting our kickoff event and providing free ice cream to all campers who registered that day. It was the sweetest way to start our summer!

We had five generous families that offered a monetary donation towards The Gift of Camp. This gift allowed 12 children to attend camp that wouldn’t have been able to without financial assistance. Although they chose to remain anonymous, we still want to share how grateful we are to these kind donors. 

Our full day camps ran much more smoothly and deliciously thanks to our generous local restaurants who cooked and served free lunches to over 30 children. Thank you to The Kitchen Table, Ralphie & LuLu’s, and The Huddle Café for the time, talent, energy, and effort put into planning and preparing these meals. 

The wonderfully artistic Janet McGrail turned our camps into a child’s dream with her photo booths and backdrops. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your talent with us and giving us so many opportunities for adorable photos. 

Thank you to Lisa Foster for generously donating various craft supplies that led to many beautiful creations. 

Where would we have been without the hands-on support of our high school and college volunteers? A special shout-out to Natalie Sondgeroth, Reilly and Natalee Shafer, and Lily and Jack Searing. We couldn’t have done it without your extra sets of hands and eyes. 

Thank you to all of the parents who trusted us with their children, shared in our excitement, and offered candid feedback. 

Finally, we must extend our gratitude to our campers. These children spent an entire summer learning, growing, playing, and imagining with us. We had Secret Spies, Paleontologists, Olympians, Explorers, Zombies, Artists, Dancers, and more. It was truly a summer to remember. 

As we reflect on all of the people who helped us “take back summer,” we are reminded of a quote: “It takes a village to raise a child.”  It truly does… and what a wonderful village we have! 

Thank you,
Ashton Camp Program
Peyton and Kimberly Lumzy