Teacher grants






The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program and the IAA Foundation, along with the Illinois Farm Bureau®, are pleased to announce our 2021-2022 Classroom grants for current Illinois teachers working in K-12 classrooms.


Teachers are urged to apply for classroom grants up to $300 to incorporate new and exciting agriculture-related topics into their existing classrooms. Additionally, $250 book grants are available for teachers to select from four agriculture-themed book collections for K-12 students.


“It’s been a challenging time to be a teacher the past year and a half. These grants are meant to help teachers provide new and exciting opportunities for students to help them better understand the role agriculture plays in their daily lives,” said Kevin Daugherty, Education Director, Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom.


Teachers are urged to contact their local agriculture literacy coordinator for ideas and assistance in applying for their grants.


The 2021-22 Teacher Project Grant Applications are found at https://iaitc.co/projectgrants. The Teacher Book Grant Application can be found at https://iaitc.co/bookgrants. Both are due by October 15, 2021. 


Each year, the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) program reaches more than 60% of all attendance centers in the state of Illinois. The IAA Foundation, Illinois Farm Bureau’s charitable arm, funds the work of IAITC through generous contributors. More IAITC program information is available at www.agintheclassroom.org. Information on how to support IAITC through the IAA Foundation is found at www.iaafoundation.org