Through Eyes of Faith

By Pastor Farrel Stauffer

In a recent Bible study I was asked to consider how I see things that happen in my life.  Do I really see the truth of the matter or is there more to it? Christians must look at life through a different set of lenses. While we see the same thing everyone else does we have an added set of lenses that come by faith. 

One of the questions asked in this Bible study was “Do you believe God is at work?”  Most of us would answer yes. 

The follow-up question brought the point closer to home. “Do you believe that God is at work in the situation you are now in?” Your answer to that question may have something to do with how you are being affected.  If it is good you might say that God is at work. If the situation seems bad to you, you might wonder how God can be at work.

As Christ followers we know by faith that God is at work in every situation, even though we might not be able to explain how. What we see is not always the full truth of the matter. 

Take for instance the time when Jesus and the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee. A great storm came up and the disciples (including some experienced fishermen) were terrified that the boat would sink and they would all drown. Jesus was asleep. The disciples finally woke him and wondered aloud whether he cared if they lived or died.

Do you remember what Jesus said? “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” He then rebuked the wind and the sea and it became perfectly calm. Now, instead of being afraid of drowning, the disciples were “fearful and amazed” at what they had just witnessed.

In their calamity the disciples only saw the possibility of a terrible death. But God was already at work by bringing the storm upon them and giving Jesus an opportunity to show that he had power over nature. God was at work beyond what the men could see. 

So it is with us. The calamities we face often look insurmountable but we know by faith in God that he is at work in ways beyond our comprehension.   

Corrie Ten Boom has a great illustration of this fact. When speaking to a group she would hold up a piece of embroidery, backwards. The wrong side is chaos. There are seemingly disconnected threads going every which way in no discernable pattern. This is often what we see in when we look with physical eyes. 

But when the embroidery is turned around, so we can see the right side, there is a beautiful picture. We know that God uses many different pieces of thread, seemingly unconnected, to weave the beautiful picture of our lives. Let us believe that God is at work even when we don’t yet see the final picture.