Unofficial Election results for Franklin Grove

April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election
for the Village of Franklin Grove, IL
Unofficial results
Village President: (Vote for 1)
David L. Atkinson (77.19%)
Michael Crofton (22.81%)
Village Clerk: (Vote for 1)
Stephanie Sprague (100%)
4 yr Trustee: (Vote for not more than 3)
Paul Erisman (29.63%)
Nick Sprague (25.93%)
Shantel M. Shafer (22.9%)
Scott S. Spangler (21.55%)
Village Trustee Unexpired 2-year Term (Vote for 1)
Karmen K. Sage (100%)
Library Trustee Full 4-year Term: (Vote for not more than 3)
Patricia L. Forrester
Barbara A. Simpson
Leigh M. Delhotal
Susan M. Murphy
Information courtesy of Lee County, IL
Library Trustee Unexpired 2-year Term
Congratulations to the predicted winners!


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