Board hear's update on cyber safety

ASHTON – The AFC school board met in regular session on Monday, Feb. 28.

Billie Heier addressed the board and expressed her concerns with the school food service, Arbor, and how some things are handled. She is concerned over the miscommunication and misuse of supplies.

Superintendent Mike Lindy reported that the schools and the buses are now mask optional. The positivity rates in the area have dropped to 1.9 percent and below.

Lindy presented the board with a proposed 2022-2023 calendar. If approved the first day of student attendance will be Aug. 18 and the last day will be May 30, 2023, depending on snow day use.

Mr. Joe Gleissner gave a report to the board and those in attendance regarding cyber safety at the district. The detailed report included the ability of the programs in place to block students from visiting inappropriate sites. Multiple filtering programs are used to protect the K – 12 students and staff. He also receives reports regarding posts about bullying, self-harm  and drugs and alcohol.

Superintendent Lindy shared how the Cares Act and ESSER II grant monies were utilized. The Cares Act funds totaled about $85,000. A good share of those funds were used to for technology, enabling the district to provide IPads and Chromebooks for all students K – 3 and laptops for teachers to be able to do Zoom classroom instruction. Funds were also used to purchase COVID related items such as masks, sprayers and disinfection solutions.

ESSER II funds with totaled about $341,000, came with stricter guidelines on how they could be spent. Approximately $123,000 were used for instruction, supplies and materials and nearly $88,000 was used for transportation and the purchase of an activity bus.

Recently the district has had three FOIA requests. Lindy shared with the board what the cost of the requests include, including $125 per hour fees to the district attorney for verification. He said that everything that is retrieved from a FOIA request is also available by a simple phone request. Only information that is shareable will and can be shared.

Principal Torman told the board she is looking into a Edmentum Ed Options Academy that can give students options for classes that are not offered here. It is also good for credit recovery classes and AP classes. She will have more information in the future.

Mr. Lindy implemented a new section to the board meeting which he titles “Good News.” He strives to give more good news and positive reflection on the AFC schools. His “Good News” items for this month include: The FFA recently celebrated National FFA Week and held a breakfast for the staff. There was also a bus driver appreciation day breakfast held at the Huddle Café. The winter indoor sports are wrapping up and he celebrates that we were able to have pretty complete seasons. And he reported that next month they will begin livestreaming the board meetings.